7 reasons to study in private universities in Singapore

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Singapore is counted among the top study abroad destinations in the world. The excellent education system and presence of the reputed foreign universities have attracted a lot of international students here. The best thing about the country is its progressive education system with state-of-the-art facilities for local as well as international students.  Studying at a top private university in Singapore is beneficial, if you choose the right one. There are many private universities in Singapore that you may consider for your higher education based on multiple factors like ranking, accreditation, campus, career prospects and more.  Here are the key reasons why it is better to go for a private university rather than public:

  1. Small, interactive classes: One of the best things about choosing a private university in Singapore is its small class size and the engaging learning environment. Public universities tend to have big auditoriums and it’s possible that the bright student may get lost in the crowd. Not only the students learn faster and more from their education at private institutions but also makes it easier for teachers to deal with the requirements of students.
  2. Practical, hands-on-experience: The best private universities help students to participate in workshops and get hands-on-experience about what they learn in classrooms. From day one, students get real world experience under the guidance of their class teacher.
  3. Emphasis on industrial experience: Private universities lay a special emphasis on gaining practical skills through industrial training rather than just learning theory. The best part about these universities is that they have tie-ups with some big industry players where you can gain experience. This will help you to add industrial experience in your resume even before you graduate.
  4. Real mentors: The private college lecturers are well-experienced professionals and are great mentors to their students. They create a great learning environment for students that help them to achieve academic success. They provide better guidance and a more tailored learning experience.
  5. Well-balanced curriculum: The top private university in Singapore generally offers a combination of practical and hands-on assessment as compared to the theoretical nature of many other universities. Studying at a private university prepares students for the global challenges and they have a competitive edge over others when looking for a job.
  6. Financial incentives: With average tuition cost at private universities is higher than the cost at public institutes; students can qualify for some financial incentives in Singapore. The best private universities offer merit-based scholarships and other financial aids for the talented students. Many universities also offer generous packages for those who can’t pay full amount on their own.
  7. Academic excellence: When you visit the private university, you will find that main focus of the university is on the education. The curriculum offered is quite challenging but the students will learn a great deal about their chosen field. The faculty at these institutions comes in with great knowledge and expertise.

As you make decision about choosing an institute in Singapore, consider these advantages of choosing the top private universities. Each institute has its own unique set of benefits to the students but the private universities come with some extras that will make your learning experience more positive.

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