8 Spectacular Reasons Why a STEM Summer Camp Rocks

Is your teen bored? Does your grade-schooler have boundless energy? Are your kids running out of things to do this summer?

Fret no more as the solution to your summer worries is here.

STEM Summer Camp: Make Learning Cool

Get your kids out of the heat and into the cool zone where science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are combined to create a fun and enriching course for your kiddos.

The need to focus on science and technology as well as engineering and mathematics is becoming increasingly important. The demands of the 21st century call for advanced thinking skills that will allow people to adapt to the futuristic requirements of everyday life. There are emerging technologies in various fields that will need a workforce that is adept with the STEM skill set.

STEM education is an integrated approach to learning these four core subjects. People may not be so conscious that we use these subjects in everyday life – science for telling the weather, math when going shopping, engineering when putting together an IKEA table, or technology when figuring out smartphones – but, of course we do.

Aside from the incumbent need to arm today’s children with the skills needed to survive the demands of the future, there are other advantages to encouraging your kids to get involved with STEM:

  • STEM enhances analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • STEM encourages out-of-the-box thinking and creativity.
  • STEM provides opportunities for collaboration and teamwork.
  • STEM promotes social interaction.
  • STEM paves the way to flourishing careers in related fields.

To take advantage of these benefits, it would do well for you to enroll kids ranging from as young as six years old to the more advanced 16-year-old in a STEM-based summer camp.

Here are some of the sensational reasons why this kind of camp really rocks:

1. Get rid of summer boredom

Brain drain happens when kids forget what they have previously learned about in school. Lessons in science and mathematics are pushed back into the recesses of their minds, replaced by aimless switching of TV channels, playing video games or surfing the web.

Turn their summer time to more fun and productive pursuits through a STEM summer camp where they learn about the fascinating world of science and technology.

2. Learn new skills and competencies

Sure, they learn about science and math in their school curriculum, but these subjects can be made more fun and engaging with activities that they can use in everyday life.

At the same time, they will also discover new worlds and enjoy fascinating new experiences where they will earn skills and enhance their competencies in STEM fields. For example, an introduction to robotics course will teach them how to construct LEGO® bricks and bring them to life.

3. Practice independence

Your babies are growing older and someday, they will need to be able to live on their own. Equip them with the knowledge of how to fend for themselves without your help by “releasing them into the wild” during summer camp.

They will also need to think and make decisions on their own regarding STEM activities like how to make calculations and improve their designs, for instance.

Letting them experience life without your constant presence and supervision will also build strength in character that they will need as they grow into mature adults.

4. Develop social skills

In the age where the majority can be seen glued to the tiny screens of their gadgets, it would be wise to remind kids of what they can learn from human interaction.

Summer camp activities also promote the value of interpersonal relationships through active discussions, group work, and other programs that require collaborative effort, the exchange of ideas, and team cooperation.

These activities also sharpen their persuasion, presentation, and leadership skills as well as boost their confidence and self-esteem.

5. Promote persistence and focus

STEM activities will tease their brains to solve particular puzzles on thought-provoking subject matters. They will learn through careful observation, thorough discussion, and strict adherence to set rules and instruction to make something work.

If they fail on their first try, they are encouraged to try again until they get the hang of it and through this, they will learn to be committed to a project, focus on the task at hand, and persist until a solution is found.

6. Delight in achievements

Being able to freely ask questions, get knowledgeable answers, and have a healthy discussion with experienced and professionally trained teachers who have a wealth of experience in these fields of study can inspire your kids to do better.

When kids are guided by experts, they will be more inspired to do well in their STEM projects. When they are driven to excellence and achieve good results, these accomplishments can make a big difference in making your young ones feel confident and better about their abilities.

7. Exposure to technological tools

Kids enrolled in a STEM summer camp will gain exposure to advanced technological tools. They will also enjoy a hands-on experience when they learn about fascinating topics such as 3D printing, aeromodelling, and coding and application development, among others. These subjects will also teach them how machines work and gain insight on concepts that involve levers and pulleys, motors, gears, and the like.

This will give them an in-depth appreciation of the intricacies involved that may spark their imagination further.

8. Preparation for the future

Immersion in STEM summer camp activities will also equip your kids with the experience, skills, and capabilities to achieve success in their academic pursuits.

Camp attendance will also give them the edge in preparing or local and international exams such as the Common Admission Test (CAT), Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), or the Dubai College Tests.

These summer programs will also train them in preparation for various competitions both local and abroad such as the Mathematics Olympiad and the Lego League.

Gifted students who are driven to get into prestigious institutions like the John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth and other similar schools will also benefit from intensive and carefully designed summer learning programs.

Fruitful future

Sowing the seeds and planting a love for learning will ensure your children will have a healthy appreciation and respect for knowledge.

Through STEM summer camp programs, your kids will learn the various concepts involved in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and will make them realize its relevance to everyday life.

The fun and fascinating camp activities used in presenting these STEM concepts will ignite their interest and keep their curiosity alive. It will fill them with so much wonder that they will either wish summer camp would never end or couldn’t wait to join another STEM camp in the future.

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