Career options after studying at top civil engineering institutes

best civil engineering institutes in pune

Getting admission in the top civil engineering institute is important to realize your career goal. You must choose reputed college to pursue your civil engineering degree.

There would have been no historic wonders like the Great Wall of China, Coliseum of Rome, Taj Mahal or modern masterpieces like the Howrah Bridge and London Bridge if there were no civil engineers. That is why, a majority of students are interested to pursue their engineering qualification. The engineering programme deals with maintaining, constructing, designing, planning, and operating infrastructures as well as improving existing infrastructure. The programme also teaches about the growth of improved infrastructural facilities to maintain an eco-friendly environment. The course is provided both at the postgraduate and undergraduate levels. The students should complete their civil engineering degree from best civil engineering institute to embark on a golden career in this field.

Scope of civil engineering
Due to the emphasis on standardized living, better roads and comfortably safe homes, the demand for civil engineers is going to increase further in the years to come. Infrastructural development and construction projects, including planning of the town will see a boost in the future and hence there will be more demand for the field specialists.

Top civil engineering institute in India
If you are planning to reserve your seat in a top Civil Engineering Institute in India, then you can opt for DYE (DR. D.Y. Patil Institute of Engineering, Management & Research), Pune. because it stands apart due to its quality learning facilities and impressive placement record of the students. Many renowned and multinational companies come to this college for placement and hiring top talent for their organizations. These organizations provide very good salary packages and extra perk to the deserving students.

A qualified engineer can get any of the below job profiles in the companies.

• Water Engineer
• Building Control surveyor
• Structural Engineer
• Quantity Surveyor
• Site engineer
• Engineering Geologist
• Building Services Engineer

Course subjects of civil engineering
Students are taught a wide range of civil engineering subjects to enhance their knowledge about the principles and practice of civil engineering. The main subjects of civil engineering are:

• Civil Engineering Materials
• Transportation Engineering Lab
• Introduction to Transportation Engineering
• Soil Mechanics
• Hydraulics
• Construction Management
• Environmental Engineering
• Engineering Geology
• Elements of Surveying
• Construction Practices

Key skills needed for civil engineers
Math skills – Civil engineers apply the principles of trigonometry, calculus and other latest topics in mathematics while working on the challenging engineering projects.

Speaking skills – Civil engineers present plans and reports to experts with wide technical knowledge. This needs the capability to speak clearly and to converse with people in various settings, and translate scientific and engineering data into easy-to-understand concepts.

Problem-solving ability – Civil engineers work at the top level of the construction, design, planning, and work on the multifaceted projects. They must be capable to use their talent and provide safe, cost-effective and efficient solutions.

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