Career Options with a Hospitality Management Degree

hospitality management degree

These are exciting times for hospitality graduates. Career options with a hospitality management degree are vast. The skill acquired in hospitality study makes one highly employable.

The growth in the service sector area in India is phenomenal. According to Ministry of Finance, the service sector registered an impressive growth rate of 8.6% CAGR last year. The tourism in India is also on the rise. Besides being a being a significant generator of foreign revenue, Tourism is also a potentially a large sector of employment.

Considering India’s rich cultural heritage, variety in ecology and growth as a sporting nation, the scenario for the country’s tourism economy is bright.

Here are some fact related to tourism and employment
1. World over tourism sector supports 292 million people through various jobs. This is one out of every ten jobs!

2. India is world’s seventh largest tourism economy in terms of GDP.

3. There are 40.3 million jobs in 2016 in India related to tourism which is 2nd largest in terms of total jobs supported by Travel & Tourism. It is 9.3% of overall employment in India

Despite the increasing use of technology, the hotel industry is and will be dependent on its vast workforce. Machines cannot offer care and comfort that is provided by a human element through machines.

Today hospitality management degree is one of the most emerging popular courses after 12th grade. There are various career options that are offered after completion of the degree in hospitality.

Hotel Career options with a hospitality management degree
The traditional career option after the completion of the degree in hospitality is working with hotels. There are four functional core areas in hotels where the degree holders can work:

Food and Beverage Service
Job options for a fresh graduate are in restaurant management, bar management, room service and banquet operations

Food and Beverage Production
Students who are interested in cooking can choose between specialising in baking or a particular cuisine. Ample career options for culinary students exist in Cruise liners, Restaurants and Hotels

• Housekeeping Management This skill is in much demand as this is directly related to customer satisfaction. Jobs available in the housekeeping department of a hotel are; Floor supervisors, public area managers, Laundry in-charge, Florist and Housekeeping managers.

Front Office Management
This is a perfect career option for individuals who enjoy meeting new people and relish interacting with people. Careers in front office include guest service attendant, reservations manager, concierge, accommodations manager etc.

The student during his degree gets inclined to one of the areas of the hotel and can work towards the specialisation of it.

A career option for a hospitality management graduate is not limited to just hotels. Employment opportunities also exist in other industries.

Food Service Industry
Lucrative employment opportunities exist in food service management. Biggest recruiters in this sector are fast food companies and restaurant chains. Brands like the McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and Subway, give an outstanding career with growth opportunities. Industrial catering and the food processing units also require a large pool of skilled workforce every year. The career growth for culinary students is usually faster in the food service industry.

Entrepreneurial options with a hospitality management degree
A hospitality graduate has the knowledge and skill sets to be successful in the hospitality sector. This means that a hospitality graduate could choose to become an entrepreneur. The economic environment is ideal for youngsters to start their business venture.

More food service establishments are required to address the growing eating-out culture. This gives an opportunity for many aspirants to venture into food service outlets get self-employed. The advantage is that in comparison to other entrepreneurial ventures the capital expense is limited.

Housekeeping and Utility management is another career that is upcoming. Managing sizeable multi-utility shopping centres and that are in metropolitan cities is a big business. With a small team of professionals, a hospitality professional can efficiently deliver in this business of facility management services.

The career options in hospitality are fantastic with a lot of growth in the tourism and hospitality. Also, government initiatives to increase tourism, this hospitality industry will see a further increase in employment opportunities.

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