MBA in Entrepreneurship – Every Thing You Need to Know

mba in entrepreneurship

An MBA in Entrepreneurship is designed to equip students with the necessary skills, knowledge, and networks needed to become a successful entrepreneur and innovator. The program not only helps students create business ideas, but also helps them develop these ideas into product and service offerings, and then design a commercial venture to take business ideas to the market. It overall helps students understand the whole business acumen, making it essential for students to choose the right institute for their education.

One of the top MBA colleges in Gujarat, the IMNU is a product of the visionary Padmashree Dr. Karsanbhai K. Patel which came into existence in 1996. Listed among the top MBA colleges in Gujarat, the institute was ranked as the top 22nd Best B-School by Dalal Street Investment Journal in February 2018. It was also ranked as the 4th best Private B-School in the Super Excellence Category by CSR-GHRDC B-School Survey and published in Competition Success Review, November, 2017 issue. Embodying the principles of entrepreneurship, excellence and professionalism, it imparts top-class business education and has produced new generation entrepreneurs and managers over the years.

At IMNU, students are aided in developing knowledge in important areas of entrepreneurship including learning how to commercialize their business ideas, how to seek venture capital financing for their ventures and how to develop commercial business organizations. This program explores entrepreneurship as the passage of a business idea into a new commercial venture; creating opportunities to contribute to the society by offering employment to the unemployed.

Programme Advantages at IMNU:

  1. Connections:

The MBA in Entrepreneurship program introduces students to others who are also either starting their own companies or running their own successful businesses. This entrepreneurship program also participates in seminars, where students have access to notable people in their fields. In addition, the project-based, collaborative nature of this MBA programs allow students to connect with others and develop long-term professional relationships with their peers. In fact, after graduation, many students go into business with individuals they have met through the program at IMNU.

  1. Real Experiences:

Another advantage to pursuing an MBA in Entrepreneurship at IMNU is the opportunity to receive hands-on learning experience. These experiences often go hand-in-hand with the coursework and require students to work with classmates on project. In addition to allowing students the opportunity to improve their leadership skills in a safe environment, it also helps students develop sound business plans, find new ventures, identify and assess business opportunities and practice their entrepreneur skills in a number of mock situations and contexts. These classes help students avoid common mistakes often experienced by new entrepreneurs when starting with their own business.

  1. Leadership Skills:

The MBA in Entrepreneurship at IMNU prepares students to manage investments, raise money and begin and operate their own organizations and businesses, including limited liability corporations, companies and non-profits. Through this program, students have the opportunity to make connections with angel investors at conferences and seminars, and coursework that includes brainstorming business ideas by collaborating with peers. With these opportunities, graduates are prepared to lead companies as they proceed with the program.

  1. The Entrepreneurship Cell

The E-cell is a set-up conceptualized by IMNU that aims at bringing out the best entrepreneurship spirit of young students. Every year, this programme holds various workshops, speaker sessions, innovative games, competitions for aspiring entrepreneurs and support them by providing necessary resources like networking, consultancy, mentoring and seed funding, along with interaction with successful entrepreneurs, who can pass on winning tips to others who are eager to emulate them.

The IMNU has always tried to reduce the gap between academic learning and real life circumstances, the centre for entrepreneurship serves as a huge step in that direction. IMNU does everything to make an entrepreneurial dream a reality hence equal importance is given to all aspects of a business.

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