Points to consider before selecting boarding school

Boarding Schools in Delhi NCR

There are many points to be considered before selecting the boarding school in Delhi for your child. Without considering these points we might not choose the best boarding school in Delhi.  They are important to select the boarding school in Delhi.

  • Kind of education: To select any school not just boarding school in Delhi we should keep this point in mind and the point is the kind of education given in school in terms of quality and quantity as well. With quantity means the syllabus of school and with quality means the knowledge given is only bookish, only subject related or it is related to real world, with everyday life, relates with moral and social education.
  • Safety and security of child: One of the most important point to be paid attention is the security and safety of the child in the boarding school in Delhi in which he is going to stay. How th6 the movement takes place inside the school, whether it have camera, how they record and monitor the movement of vehicles, staff, children, parents etc.
  • Educational qualification of faculties: The educational qualification of teachers as they are the first dealing hand with the children is acceptable and according to CBSE. The ratio of male and female staff is acceptable or not.
  • Environment of school: School environment is one of the main factors which affect the child. And especially of boarding school in Delhi where the child is going to stay day and night.
  • Key concerns: What is the key focus area of the school like education, discipline, sports or overall development?
  • Infrastructure: Internet any boarding school the school infrastructure quiet more different role.
  1. Hostel: Whether the hostel have wings according to older/younger and separate for boys/girls. Do the hostel have common hall to watch TV in both the hostels separately.
  2. Auditorium: Do it has auditorium in it for celebration of programmes and functions.
  3. Ground: The school must have grounds for children separately for assembly and playing. How big the play ground is?
  4. School building: The school building must have proper ventilation system. It must take have labs for the  subject concerned  like bio , chemistry,  physics,  maths, computer and they should be fully equipped.  The school should also have separate Dance, music, art room and one else library.
  • Technology: Technology used in teaching.
  • Medical facilities: We should see and know the degree of the doctor and the nurse who will be treating the child. Is there any councillor in school to solve the problem of students?
  • Cleanliness: Cleanliness in the whole experience campus of the school should be paid attention too.
  • Co-curricular activities: the importance given to activities other then studying. Clubs are there for the students according to their interest.
  • Articles: one should also read the articles published in newspapers on the school. We can get much clear picture of any boarding school in Delhi.
  • Tour and trips: The places selected for tours of students for what time. What are the modes of transportation to take to that place?
  • Transportation: one should also see that the school should at a place where a person can find easy way to travel.
  • Past achievements: This last but not the least we should see to the awards won by school in different fields in past few years.

These are the few points one must look into before selecting a boarding school in Delhi for their wards.

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