Top Effective Apps and Tools for Online Education!

Online education is getting rapidly popular among students and working professionals all over the world. The sudden increase in the demand of online education programs is due to the flexibility and convenience it has brought with itself. Recent survey estimated that at least one in five undergraduates has enrolled in at least one ”Online education” course as part of their studies, and many college and universities are now offering these programs to all local and international students. Some of these top ranking institutes also offer life experience degree programs which are getting huge popularity these days.

Whether you are a student looking for online resources, a knowledge hungry geek or a professional looking to pick up a new skill in your industry. Following are some of the best study apps and tools that could help you make your online education experience more comfortable and effective.

The concept of online education mainly surrounds eLearning procedures. That doesn’t mean you won’t require studying from text book at all. Chegg app might be just the right option for you. The company provides students with the best eTextbooks, free weekly guided solutions and free digital access to books. They also provide printed books to the students delivered to their door steps just under a week.

Who says you won’t require printing documents at all when you enroll to study online? Online students occasionally require scanning from relevant books, magazines or a handwritten note from a friend. You wouldn’t like to travel all the way to your local library for just printing some pages. It’s ideal not to waste your precious time by using Scanner Pro. The app comes at a low price of $2.99 for Apple IOS users. You could also download the free version, Scanner mini app which could also be later upgraded to scanner pro. The app allows users you to save files in the PDF format, which could be easily shared via email, drop box or Evernote apps.

What’s best to continue for chores and take some notes for your online program? Yes, with dragon dictation mobile app from Nuance, you can easily take notes for a course while juggling other responsibilities. The apps save you a lot of time by facilitating you to recite your notes and saving them in a particular folder each time. This app is best for all busy individuals who most remain busy at their homes (doing laundry, preparing food, washing dishes etc.), dictating notes simultaneously.

Always looking to take some casual notes at a quick pace? Then Note by SWIFTKEY is just the right app for you. The app also lets you take note and add them to your Evernote note books. If you want to take notes fast, you can pair it up it up with SWIFTKEY’s IOS 8 extension, assisting you to take all the information down at rapid speeds.

How often you require to do a lot of reading online? Certainly many times! Then, why not strip out all the distracting bits of a web page and format the main text in a more readable font size and type. Using Readability app web browser plugin you could just to that. The Readability allows you to speed up your reading and in parallel reduce the eye strains you might be having.  The Readability app is also for IOS and Android users.

While there are tons of to-do apps in the online market, Todoist is one of the most versatile among them. The apps come as a comprehensive tool for all students enrolled in an online program as it allows them to share tasks, entire projects, function as a bookmarker or even work as a reminder.

The apps come with both free and paid versions for all IOS and Android devices. While students could also run the app on most computers smoothly.

Evernote provides a group of tools for students that are most suitable for their online study programs. These excellent apps include Evernote, Penultimate, Evernote Peek, Clearly and several more. Evernote is available for multiple platforms including IOs, Android, Mac, Windows, and others. All the app allow students to increase their online study effectiveness in a quick way.


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