Where to find free NATA Mock Test Papers?

Preparing for NATA is not that easy. Students need to be quite determined and knowledgeable to clear the course. There are many coaching centers that help the students to pass the NATA examination. It is always a wise decision to be prepared with the mock test. This way you understand where you are lacking behind. However, one doesn’t know about where to find free NATA mock test papers. It is not that easy and thus candidates who are planning to sit in the national level examination can take the mock test of NATA which is administered by the council of architecture.

NATA mock test
NATA mock test is a simulation of the real examination so the structure, as well as the pattern, are almost the same. The mock test will help students understand the different functionalities of the examination which includes the weight, the number of questions asked, marking scheme and so on. To take the mock test the applicants don’t need an ID but to follow the test link. Read more to learn the full details of the mock test.

Features of the online mock test paper
• The mock test provide you the real feel of the NATA examination
• This is the practice test, which has the answers as well
• One can get access to native full-length mock test which includes drawing aptitude test and mathematics
• One can get the scores immediately for the general aptitude test mathematics with answers
• One can get the drawing assignments evaluated with detail feedback
• The students will be provided with login ID and password within 48 hours to access the test
• One can appear in the online test anytime from anywhere according to their comfort level

Getting free mock test papers
Getting free mock test papers for NATA admission is not that easy. One has to go through various sites or Google it to know about the right place to get the NATA mock test papers. The candidates who are planning to sit in the national level examination can get the papers at Bhanwar Rathore Design Studio. It is one of the best coaching centers that provide aspiring architects with the right approach. One can be prepared and get through the examination without any difficulty. Visit the website today for more details about the coaching center, how to get admission into it, what facilities they provide and so on.

So, if you are an aspiring architect, you need to prepare well for the examination to get through it in the first attempt itself. There are many coaching centers that help the students with the right approach as well as free mock papers so the students are well versed with the difficulty level of the examinations. The free mock papers help the students to understand the NATA question paper and its marking scheme, weight, number of question and other details well. Trying out the mock test can prepare the student well. For more information about the mock tests or previous year question paper, visit here.

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