5 Standards to Find out the best culinary school in India


Hospitality and tourism are the fastest growing sectors all across the world.Hotels, fine dining, entertainment, leisure and many other sub-sectors fall under this category. This field demands professionals with the best skills and knowledge. If you are passionate about culinary arts and want to turn your passion into career, then pursuing culinary or chef courses from a reputed institution would be the right option for you. While in the past, having a culinary arts degree or pursuing any diploma program was not necessary to become a chef, but today more and more hotels demand professionals with formal culinary education.  Which course is right for you depends on your future goals as well as talent.One can get trained for a culinary career by doing a 6-months diploma program or go for a 4-degree culinary arts degree from a reputed college.

Finding the Right Culinary Institute

So, you have decided to make a career in culinary arts, it’s time to choose the institute offering professional programs. Culinary education is the foundation that prepares the candidates for the challenges associated with the industry that they will encounter to make a successful career. There are many culinary schools in India offering chef courses, but only a few of them are certified and it becomes really tough for the aspirants to find the best one. Before making a decision about any culinary school, make sure to consider some standards which include:

  1. A proven track record of alumni success:  The top ranked culinary schools in India have the higher success rates and they have a successful network of alumni. These schools have a strong reputation in the industry and offer excellent international career opportunities to the graduates. It is always better to take part in online forums or visit website of the institute to know more about the success stories of the institute.
  2. Accreditation: Top colleges offering culinary education provide a strong foundation in culinary skills. They prepare the candidates for leadership roles. Before finalizing the institutes, it is important to check the accreditation of the institute, validating the quality of culinary education and setting high standards of excellence.It is better to read more about the college from their official website about their accreditation and programs offered.
  3. Special emphasis on hands-on-training: The top culinary schools provide food-focused education to the students and they have world-class kitchens to teach students and offer real-world kitchen experiences to them. Internship opportunities are also offered to the candidates at the leading hotels and restaurants to provide industrial experience.
  4. Modern facilities and vibrant campus: The top culinary schools offer great campus experience to the candidates with a diverse community and a variety of activities and events. Modern facilities and state-of-the-art equipment are provided to the candidates along with exposure to the leading food businesses. This also gives access to cultural learning to the students.
  5. Experienced and well-qualified faculty:  The best culinary schools in India have highly-qualified, diverse and accomplished faculties offering best quality culinary education to the students. This is an important parameter to consider when it comes to finding the right culinary school. The best colleges have master chefs and experienced chef instructors assuring effective teaching. The student-to-teacher ratio in such institutes is very low that ensures individual mentoring.