How to find best architecture colleges in India for a bright career


Architecture is the science and art of designing buildings and other physical structure. However, it is just not limited to that. Architecture is not just a professional field which will help one to lead a comfortable life and grab a decent job, but it’s a lifestyle that helps to nurture and nourish the fairly imaginative and creative minds of the aspirants by providing them the skills to face the industry’s challenges. This is an idiosyncratic field that coalesces science and technology, art and culture and even economics and society. If you have a powerful, productive and innovative bent of mind and high imaginative power, then you should pursue a degree in architecture from best architecture colleges in India for a successful career. Some of the top architecture colleges in India offering quality architectural education and vast range of architecture courses to their candidates are as follows:

  • Indo Global Colleges (IGEF) – Chandigarh
  • Indian Institute of Technology – Kharagpur
  • School of Planning and Architecture – New Delhi
  • Birla Institute of Technology – Ranchi
  • Manipal University – Manipal

Choosing top architecture colleges in India for a bright career
India is one of the leading destinations promoting architecture as a crucial discipline in education. Top architecture colleges in India provide best architect experts as tutors to teach and train their candidates. The top colleges even offer national and international study camps and tours that help their candidates to get vast exposure in this field. The candidates of such institutes also get the opportunity to practically apply their ideas through presentations, case studies, seminars, workshops and models that help them to discuss their ideas and also get proper guidance to improve their ideas and skills.

The candidates at best architecture colleges in India are provided best designing and technical skills. Moreover, the culture and work environment at the top architecture institutes are open, so that free flow of ideas and thoughts is not hindered. Besides this, top architecture institute in India have state-of-the-art infrastructure, ambience, facilities and organizational culture to nurture critical understanding required for architectural competence and knowledge. Apart from architecture, such institutes even offer minor programs that go side-by-side with the subject.

Career options
If a candidate has a creative and innovative vision, then this vast field of architecture would provide them immense opportunities for growth. Candidates can also work privately and take up independent architectural projects directly. They can really build their career of dreams in this area by completing education from one of the best architecture colleges in India. Successful candidates can work as:

  • Building surveyor
  • Higher education lecturer
  • Town planner
  • Structural engineer
  • Planning and development surveyor
  • Entrepreneur