How to get admission in Cambridge Schools in India


Cambridge schools are highly popular around the world for their core assessment and teaching methods. The best thing about these schools is the homely environment offered to the students enrolled here. They provide both pastoral and academic support. If need be they also arrange group tuition either with a supervisor from their own college or with a tutor from another college.

Cambridge Boarding Schools in India offer the perks of belonging to an internationally renowned university. Students have access to globally standardized facilities including an IT provision and extensive library. Plus, they have access to all the university resources.

Cambridge School application – Overview

Admission tutors shortlist only the applicants with high academic potential and ability. This is to ensure that the chosen candidates are suitable for the type of teaching and course that is offered at Cambridge Boarding Schools in India.

The applicant’s motivation and ability to push his limits for his studies is given high priority during the process. In simple words, the applicant has to give the evidence that he willing to explore, embrace and discuss new opinions and ideas in a logical way.

Key stages of the application procedure

  1. First of all, applicants need to select a course. It is crucial to check the details of various courses covered at Cambridge Boarding Schools in India.
  2. The next step involves choosing a school according to your course. At this stage, you also need to decide about your accommodation. Applicants who don’t have any preference can submit an ‘open’ application.
  3. Submit the UCAS application before 15 October, 6 pm (UK time).
  4. Complete university form. You may be required to fill more than one form as per the selection of your course and school.
  5. Applicants have to appear in University tests for various subjects. The test is usually conducted before the interview.
  6. Next step involves submitting the written work as demanded by the school.
  7. Shortlisted applicants are invited for the interview, which is generally conducted in December and the results are declared in January.

Cambridge Boarding Schools in India have different deadlines from those for EU and UK students. Therefore, it is necessary for the applicants to keep themselves updated and go through every detail properly.

Entry Level Requirements

Applicants are required to achieve qualifications equivalent to International Baccalaureate (IB) and A Levels grades. Some of the courses come with particular subject requirements for specific courses. This is generally the case with sciences. All the necessary information can be verified through the official website of the institute. Note – subject requirements may vary from one school to another.

For most of the sciences courses, it’s a typical A Level offer (i.e. A*A*A), while for arts courses its A *AA. In the IB its 40–43 points, with 775 at Higher Level. The applicants who choose to take A Levels in the science subjects need to pass the relevant practical assessment as well to get admitted at one of the Cambridge Boarding Schools in India.

Filling Application Form

All applicants are required to fill a Supplementary Application Questionnaire (SAQ) which can be sourced from the official site of Cambridge Boarding Schools in India. The ones taking a modular course need to mention their AS Level grades and uniform mark scheme performance in the Questionnaire. Do not write any false information in the application form as you will be questioned about every bit of information included there during the interview.