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The power to go online and get the desired product delivered to their doorstep has laid out an easier platform for getting a variety of products without the hassles of physically searching for best deals on desired items from one door to another.Owing to the huge demand for paper, pad and other such stationery products online several bigger names of the e-commerce industry like, Amazon, Flipkart, BigBasket, etc. started offering school and office supplies. But these sites were unable to provide the variations that were in demand by students and professionals. While some other sites offered the variety but only took bulk orders, hence making it unfeasible for general public to purchase the item. Websites like, First Cry entered the stationery market with school stationery that involved various school notebooks and drawing books but they did not supply stationery for offices or students’ co-curricular activities.

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Another problem was that the constantly growing multi-million segment of paper stationery is a fragmented market that is ruled by local brands. A large number of these local brands offered products that were found to be bellowing standard. Buying products online also came with the risk of receiving sub-par items. Acknowledging the fact that a large portion of paper stationery manufacturing and distribution in India is in the grip of its unorganized sector the need for more ambitious projects that consolidated the industry was felt by all.

Taking note of this huge gap in supply and demand Upkar Stationery Pvt. Ltd. launched https://www.tajwhite.in/. The website enables consumers to buy writing notebooks online in the quantity they desire. Taj White is Upkar-Darpan groups endeavour towards creating paper stationery that is classy and of high quality.

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Upkar-Darpan Groupis well known for their past publications of test range for students, career development magazines and youth magazine under the name of Upkar Prakashan and Pratiyogita Darpan. The legacy of innovation and quality that comes with the name Upkar-Darpan is reflected in the global standard range of Stationery products launched under Upkar Stationery Pvt. Ltd. Taj White became the label for the stationery products manufactured by the company.

The paper used in each product is 100% wood pulp and Earth Friendly. They are bright, hi-quality pages with a natural texture. The range of products available on the site includes:

• Notebooks
• Loose Sheets
• Drawing Books
• Wire-O-Notebooks
• Spiral Notebooks
• Notepads
• Memo Pads
• Graph Books
• Practical Notebooks
• Scrap Books
• Designer Sheets

The website not only allows you to buy notebooks and other stationery products online in India but it also provides with wholesale prices. Consumer can buy few pieces of a product or go for bulk orders and they will have to pay only the wholesale prices plus a fixed shipping charge. The Eye-catching covers and designs of the products are innovative and highly appealing. Since the distribution is handled by the manufacturer itself quality of each product is guaranteed by them. For any enquiry, feedback and suggestions or for bulk orders forms are provided on the website. If you are in need of top quality stationery materials, the above top sellers make for the right choice for you.