Advantages and disadvantages of boarding schools in India


Some parents send their kids to boarding schools because they are lefts with no other option while there is a bigger section that understands the importance of boarding schools. In fact, there are families who follow the tradition of sending the kids to the same boarding schools for generations. There are also a huge number of celebrities in India from different fields who are alumni of prominent Indian and foreign boarding schools. For many parents sending young kids to boarding schools away from the family and home may sound like cruelty against children and they might even call the parents insensitive toward their kids but the boarding school goers understand the true value of education at boarding schools.

As everything else in the world has two sides, studying at boarding schools also has its own pros and cons. Read more to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of boarding school studies.

Studying at boarding school has many advantages and people understand it very well. This is the only reason why these schools are flourishing at every corner of the world. From ancient Gurukul schools to modern boarding schools not much has changed. These schools are shaping the future of the pupils by moulding them into a better person. Here are some of the benefits of studying in boarding schools in India.

Students become self-dependent– The first thing that a student learns at these schools is being self-dependent. These kids do not need parents or helpers running around them to help them get ready for schools and no one need to nag them to do homework. These kids learn to become independent and this quality helps them later in their lives.

Students become more confident– Kids learn to become self-dependent, learn to deal with different situations by themselves, learn new things from their fellow room partners and they have a larger same age group all the time around them when they are staying at a boarding school. These situations develop a sense of confidence in the pupil which help them throughout their lives. Many boarding schools in India like Mussoorie International School, Welham Girls’ School, Sherwood College, Mayo College, etc. take special steps for personality development of the students in the school.

A home away from home– These boarding schools are the best option for the kids where parents are busy and cannot afford to stay with the children. Rather than staying alone at home waiting for the parents to come back from a week or month-long trips, it is better the students stay within the school premises in a safer and healthier environment with kids of the same age.

Well behaved and well disciplined students – Boarding schools are known for the strict discipline. Students often find these rules and regulation terrifying at first but soon they get used to it. Following rules help them in becoming a well behaved and well-disciplined person and this quality remains with the students throughout their lives. Visit here and learn more.


Sending kids to boarding schools has a couple of disadvantages as well and here are some of the most common problems one may face after enrolling their kids into a boarding school.

Homesickness– Most of the kids become homesick within few weeks after enrollment in boarding school and sometimes even parents could not bear being away from their kids.

More realistic then emotional– Depending upon the environment of school many times kids become more realistic then emotional when they stay away from their families. These kids tend to be more successful in their prospective career lives however their social life might suffer due to this behavior. Visit the website to know more about the students’ lives at boarding schools.