Guide to Admission in Top Private Engineering Colleges in Kolkata


Engineering is among the most preferred degree choice among students in terms of recognition and lucrative sum. Many students wish to get into engineering colleges in Kolkata to pursue BTech or MTech courses. For many, engineering is a ball game and is quite complicated, but if planned properly, you can get into one of the top engineering colleges in Kolkata, like IEM.

Guide to Admission in Top Engineering Colleges

Admission to the best engineering colleges in Kolkata has many factors to consider, like the availability of seats and many more. Below is the guide to getting admission to top private engineering colleges that can help you. Aspirants have to pass various entrance exams with good marks, with physics, chemistry, and maths as their core subjects. So the best score out of 4 attempts will be considered as your criteria to get admission to top colleges after the 12th. The time you clear JEE Mains and many other entrance examinations to get eligible for the next step, however, the cut-offs depend upon the number of students appearing and the difficulty level.

Steps to crack the engineering entrance exam to get into top colleges

If you plan to get into one of the best engineering colleges in Kolkata, then you have to reach the entrance examination in top colleges. Along with good marks on boards and preparing for multiple entrance exams, students need to streamline the entrance preparations efficiently. Best colleges like IEM admission are based on marks obtained in entrance exams like CAT; IEMJEE etc. to successfully crack the entrance, students must follow some tips:

  1. Create a timetable

To crack the entrance examination to get into engineering colleges in Kolkata, aspirants must prepare a timetable to remember to get into top engineering colleges Aspirants should start preparing after finishing class X.

Thus, they need to make a timetable before they start their preparation; it will help them to allocate time for mock tests, doubt-clearing sessions, and study time during the day.

  1. Regular practice

All the subjects involved in the engineering entrance examination are problem-oriented; thus, the students must practice solving the problems regularly. this will help them to come up with shortcut methods to solve the questions; it will offer them many benefits during the actual examination as they will understand how much time they must give to finish every question.

  1. Include breaks

It is also important for students to include breaks in their timetable, which is made to crack the entrance examination for admission to the best engineering colleges in Kolkata. In between the serious preparations, it is essential to have free time in which they can enjoy many extra activities. They can involve themselves in cricket or other favourite sports to rejuvenate their minds. It will help them to boost their concentration power and freshen up their minds.

  1. Practice previous year papers

Solving last year’s papers will help aspirants to know the difficulty level of the entrance examination. Moreover, it will guide them to understand well the level of preparation and times they have to allocate to solve them. With practice, only aspirants will get an idea about the pattern of the papers and help them prepare for the final entrance examination.

  1. Choose relevant references and study material

You can prepare well for the entrance examination with excellent practice and dedication. It is essential to select relevant courses and study material to understand the basics of ideas of subjects. Proper books to study appropriate topics will help them to focus on their studies and to crack the entrance examination with a good score.

The above tips should be followed to prepare well to crack the engineering entrance examination. It is the primary step to getting into a four-year engineering course in top engineering colleges in Kolkata like Kolkata. IEM is among Kolkata’s top engineering colleges that aim to provide an international ambiance and exposure with innovative teaching techniques to aspirants.