How to choose a best school for your kid in Sahibabad


It is that time of the year when parents are busy shortlisting the school they would like to have their child enrolled. Schools have started the registration process not just for first standard but also for nursery and playgroup. There are numerous schools expanding in every corner of the cities. Therefore, while deciding and picking the bets among the rest, parents should certainly consider some basic factors that could help to make their child skillful and proficient in term of education and other areas.

Let’s take at the factors that would help you decide the best school for your child.

Choice of Board
You have to be clear about your choice of curriculum or board. There are a wide range of options such as CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) and IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education). So, be clear about your choice of board fist.

Student-oriented Approach
It is always advisable to opt for school that provides child-centric education to cater different needs of children. Also, maintaining a strong teacher-child ration is important for individual growth of students.

Qualified Faculty-members
When parents send their child to school, they blindly believe that the child is under constant guidance and support from his teachers. Therefore, you should always find out how significant the role of faculty members is. Also, teacher should prepare their subjects well so that no questions from the child remain unanswered.

Co-curricular activities
Participation in innovative activities could give an extra advantage to a student as it nurtures the instinctive and intellectual skills. The creative dance, art, sports, music, or yoga classes give students a pause from the long draining classes. Also, extracurricular activities aid students in preserving an interest towards the education as well. Besides, extra workshops and classes on sports and creative activities could help in acquiring new skills.

Well-maintained Infrastructure
School buildings, schoolrooms, schoolyard, and reading room or library play a significant role in school’s infrastructure. Spacious and modernized buildings create good influence in the lives of school children. Updated and well-equipped labs help students to perform experiments in an effective way. Large playgrounds, computer rooms, sports equipment, assembly area, safe water facility, good sanitation facilities etc. speak volumes about the overall set-up and infrastructure in schools.

Healthy School Environment
Congested and stressful learning environment give rise to decline in the learning capabilities. Loud and noisy school location also affects the learning abilities in children. Therefore, location of the school is also important.
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