How to Choose the Right Residential School near Mumbai


Mumbai is well connected to Pune, Mahabaleshwar, Khandala and Lonavala. Among them, one of the hottest destinations for residential schools is Pune. The modern city attracts students from many parts of India as well as abroad. Its good connectivity to Mumbai makes it one of the best places for getting children admitted into its boarding schools. If you are planning to send your child to a residential school near Mumbai, below are some tips to look for the best.

Affiliated with CBSE
The CBSE board is one of the most respected boards for elementary and high school education. The foremost thing you will have to watch out is the school affiliation. The CBSE board controls over 90% of private schools in India. Its certificate is valid not only in India but also abroad.

You are taking your child away from you with a hope to give him a better education and an excellent learning environment. It is vital to know about the rules and regulation set by the school for students. You can come to know about the discipline from the school’s brochure or from its site.

A respected residential boarding school near Mumbai has some strict rules and regulations that every student has to follow. The aim of the school is to not only provide better education but also groom children by bringing discipline. According to the discipline, students should not abuse and become aggressive in the school campus. They will have to maintain a friendly environment. They should respect their teachers and peers. They cannot deface the school’s property. Punctuality should be maintained. Every student has to come and go from the school timely. All students have to wear neat and clean clothes and shoes. Read on the discipline part of the school before admitting your child.

Co-Curricular Activities
In today’s world, apart from education students need overall development. You will have to ensure the co-curricular activities of the school. Residential schools have their own campus to organize various types of games. They encourage students to choose their favorite game considering their interest and fitness in mind. They prepare students for state-level game activities. Music, dance, painting, swimming and various types of activities are organized to keep students engaged. Make sure the school is organizing co-curricular activities.

Hostel Facilities
Confirm the types of rooms the school is offering to stay. Some schools offer twin sharing which is a better option. Make sure the room has a comfortable bed, a table lamp, a study table, a fan, a water cooler, and a separate bathroom. You can check the mess menu to know children are getting proper nutrition during their stay.

Spoken English
English is one of the most common languages in the world. Students should have excellent command on the language while speaking and writing. Make sure the school is encouraging children to speak English through newspaper reading, debates, and workshops.

Admission Fees
This is the last but not the least thing to consider. Analyse fees of the school and try to evaluate whether the fee is well suitable for your budget and is value for money.