Thinking About Joining a Culinary Art Program? 5 Things You Should Know


Whether dreaming about walking the streets of a farmer’s market or the smell of fresh basil or watching your favourite chef toss those vegetables flawlessly on television, inspired you to enroll for a course within culinary arts; it is important to know all the aspects of any stream before choosing it in order to have a more holistic approach towards your career.  Though a professional course may provide you with the connections and perspectives that would be much harder to gain on your own, but it’s always advisable to know all the aspects and possible opportunities before enrolling for a more specialised course like culinary arts.

  • Difference between professional course versus trying to work your way up within the industry – As mentioned earlier, a professional course helps build your connections and perspectives that is much harder to achieve on your own. Enrolling for a course in hospitality management from a reputed college opens up multiple doors for a graduate.  Indian School of Hospitality (ISH), one of the top colleges for culinary arts in India, offers its students an opportunity to learn from industry’s best culinary artists who often come to share their expertise through a guest lecture & demo class. Through this course, a student gets an opportunity to develop and grow his skills, he also gets an opportunity to network across a broader spectrum.
  • Various career options and earning opportunities – There are multiple career opportunities available for a student of culinary arts. Beyond a position of a chef at a restaurant, there are career paths in various industries such as corporate, educational, healthcare food service, gourmet or speciality markets, personal or private chef, research and development, speciality pastry, food media and marketing, culinary instructor and even starting up their own ventures!  The opportunities are endless for a culinary arts student. It is incorrect to think that after the course, the only job opportunity is limited to becoming a restaurant chef. Indian School of Hospitality also offers its students an opportunity to study culinary arts in Singapore, helping them fast-track their career growth internationally.
  • Shortage of good restaurant professionals – The number of restaurants opening have grown substantially which also means the number of professionals required to head various activities within the restaurant has also grown. This makes opportunities for students to explore the type of work they’d like to do.  This kind of privilege is usually not available for students from other streams.
  • You are going to meet a lot of interesting people – There are all kinds of people who enroll for a culinary arts course. A student will be surprised to see a vast variety of individuals from various phases of their lives, enrolled for a course in culinary arts. A culinary arts course attracts young kids to varied professionals from different industries who may sometimes have a decade plus of corporate experience.  Culinary arts as a stream is a dream for many and many a times people from various walks of their lives decide to pivot from their existing career to a career within the culinary industry.
  • Kitchen can be intense at times – Within a restaurant you need to be quick, how quickly you can clean and cut 1 or 2 pounds of onions, or reduce 5 pounds of curry into the prefect consistency and make it 2 pounds, depends on the skill of a chef. The working environment can be intense, hot and extensive most of the times, and one should be ready mentally and physically for it.  Many a times, chefs meet different and possibly difficult guests who may have some tough requirements to be fulfilled; handling such guests gracefully may require high level of patience &people skills which is gained through years of training, learning and timely encounters.

Culinary arts as a stream can be very compelling and fulfilling as a career.  You can read more about the courses offered at one of the top culinary schools in India, Indian School of Hospitality by clicking here –