A Short Guide on How to Get Scholarships in Singapore

SIM GE Scholarship

Studying in a prestigious university is a dream come true and only a few can make it is living reality. With the right preparation, the dream can be yours. Once you know that the scholarships you can target and how to stand out among the competition, you can secure a seat in a university in Singapore. Job security is the icing on the cake since the scholar is given the best job opportunities after completion of their graduation. Scholarships for international students in Singapore are one of the best ways to study without paying a lot of money.

SIM GE Scholarship
SIM GE Scholarship

Types of scholarships in Singapore

Do you know the scholarships in Singapore come in different categories. So, here are some detailed information.

  • Merit-based– Scholarships are given on the basis of astonishing academic, athletic or innovative achievement.
  • On the basis of need- In this category, the students who are differently-abled or in need of financial assistance can get the scholarships.
  • Based on Ethnicity– The scholarships are given on the basis of race, such as when the students belong to a minority.
  • Based on the institution– There are many educational institutions that offer the students with scholarships based on their grades and performance.
  • Sector-based– In this category, the students are awarded scholarships who want to work in a particular sector such as aerospace.

The Universities offer scholarship based on time period:

  • Mid-term: The Mid-term scholarships are given after the students complete a certain number of semesters. They give you more time to explore before you select a major. In addition to this, one needs excellent academic performance until one applies for the scholarship.
  • Full-term: The Full-term scholarships are provided at the beginning of the studies. To become eligible for the full-term scholarships, one needs to have an excellent academic performance.

How to prepare for the application process?

It is important to know the deadline: once you have selected few scholarships, it is time to initiate the application process. Most of the scholarships in Singapore start taking the applications for only few weeks.

Where you should apply: to apply now for the scholarships in Singapore, you can fill the form available on the university’s or institute’s website.

Filling the application on time: While filling the application form, it is important to keep the time in mind. You need to write about yourself, including your interests and goals in life to let them select you for the scholarship. Visit the website of different college to know more about the availability of the forms. 

Going through the scholarship interview: Once you are eligible for the scholarship you need to prepare for the scholarship interview.  In most of the cases, there are two rounds of interviews, one with the HR team and the other with some senior management. Research as much as you can about the company and use this opportunity to show that you love the work and are fully prepared for the scholarship questions.

You need to sell yourself

As the competition is quite high, it is important to believe in yourself and know your strength. This will help you sell yourself to the scholarship provider. You can need to research a lot and make a compelling case during the interview.