Top Reasons why Indians Prefer Study Abroad in Australia?


Australia is becoming the most preferred study abroad destination among Indian students very fast. Currently this “Land of Kangaroos” attracts most of the international students after U.S. and U.K. The country offers the best educational experience to the students that make a real difference. The best colleges and universities in Australia provides a unique kind of education and the best learning style that encourage students to become creative, innovative and think independently. Graduates from the Australian universities are very successful in finding the best jobs and hold prominent jobs across the globe.

Why Australia?
Australia has been ranked at no. 1 position by Indian students for food, safety and friendliness.  The country offers major advantages to Indian students. There are so many reasons to consider Australia as the most preferred study abroad destinations which include:

  1. Excellent education system: The country is home to some of the best universities across the world including Australian National University, The University of Melbourne, The University of Sydney, The University of New South Wales, and The University of Queensland. These universities are ranked among the 50 best universities of the world. The country offers a truly world-class education system and regularly features in the global rankings.
  2. Easy accessibility to student visa: As compared to other countries, it is quite easy to get a visa to study in Australian colleges and universities. To apply for an Australian visa, the candidates have to show a confirmation of enrollment in a course at Australian university. Secondly, you have to prove that you have enough funds for fee, living costs and departure. Third, one has to show a certificate that proves his English skills. And, last but not the least; you need insurances like health and the liability insurance. All this seems very tough, but getting an Australian visa is really very easy and one can get the help from overseas education consultants to get visa to study abroad in Australia.
  3. Courses and programs: Australia attracts most of the Indian students due to wide variety of courses and degrees and international students of any field can find their chosen program easily. Australia offers a great career ahead with over 22,000 courses by 1,100 institutions and helps students to achieve the best. One can take help from the best overseas education consultants in India to know details about specific course that he wish to study.
  4. Work while studying: Most of the students aspiring to study abroad are worried about their expenses at the foreign land. The most appealing aspect of Australia is that the students can work here while studying. With the student visa, one can work 40 hours per week during vacations and 40 hours per fortnight during their studies.

Scholarships: Studying in Australia is really affordable for Indian students with several Australian scholarships available. Amazing scholarship opportunities are available for bachelors’, masters’ and Ph.D. level. Some scholarships are university-specific and some are government-funded.  The best overseas consultants also give scholarship updates to the aspirants looking to study abroad in Australia.