How top engineering colleges in Kolkata are raising the standards of education?


Driven by the aspirations to join one of the best engineering colleges, more than a million students appear for the toughest engineering exams every year. The popularity of engineering field in India has made it one of the largest contributors to the growing multitude of the engineers across the world. Engineers have a made a major contribution in making our country grow in the field of technological advancements.

Engineering has been one of the most popular careers in India after medicine and umpteen number of colleges are cropping out with different engineering courses in various traditional and new streams like biomedical engineering, Nanotechnology, fire and safety engineering to name a few. Today, industry demands the professionals with the right industrial knowledge and relevant skills. But, the current education system lacks somewhere in matching up the standards of corporate houses.

The colleges have seen a dip off in the recruitment of fresher’s and many surveys have brought in light that the college management aims only in getting their students placed and they are not imparting industry-relevant education and training. The best colleges have taken note of this point and are focusing now on the overall development of students by redefining learning methods. And, after globalization top engineering colleges in Kolkata have pulled taken into consideration these facts and revamped their engineering courses to match the global technology and engineering education standards. Here are some of the upgrades which best colleges have made at their end to raise the standards of education:

1. Industry-oriented courses: The industry-oriented engineering courses have helped students to learn from the best brains. The best colleges give aspirants opportunities to interact with the big players of the industry as well as professors about innovation, current industry trends and latest technology. They help aspirants to get in touch with the latest changes and innovations in the technological world.

2. E-learning: Learning from the text books is a routine but digitization has taken over the whole world. Best colleges and universities are using visual aids and adaptive learning software to impart best engineering education in the students and prepare them for the global challenges associated with the engineering sector.

3. Hands-on-training: This approach has helped aspirants graduate as the industry-ready future professionals. They helped students to use their classroom learning in the real-work like research, 3D printing and more to empower them. This makes them a good critical problem solver once they are at work.

4. Innovation for entrepreneurship: With an idea to instill entrepreneurship skills in the aspirants, best engineering colleges in Kolkata are setting up incubation and fabrication center as well as warehouses. They are also training students by providing challenging opportunities and specific goals to them.

5. Honing the non-technical skills in aspirants: While technical skills are the cornerstones of the engineering education, soft skills training has also been important for fostering leadership qualities in them.

The best engineering colleges that are aware of such aspects are leaving no stones unturned to match up to the current industry trends and demands and thus, benefiting the students in all ways.