IS IGCSE the Right Choice for Education of a Child?

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IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) is a programme inspired by the British curriculum (GCSE); the course is planned to prepare scholars for further study in overseas countries. The program is primarily exam-based and is evaluated through the examination board selected by the school like Edexcel and Cambridge Assessment International Education. The program offers over seventy subjects, including thirty languages, since it aims to provide knowledge to students from an extensive diversity of linguistic families, allowing them for studying their mother tongue. Nowadays, many parents are choosing the IGCSE program for their children since it helps in their physical, mental, and emotional development. Students studying in the Best IGCSE schools in Chennai get a comprehensive choice of subject options.

Why choose IGCSE for Education of a Child?
Enrolling your ward in a school that offers an IGCSE program gives many benefits as the examinations are easily assessable for all students. The examination is conducted after the course is completed, providing students more time for grasping difficult concepts and overcoming any difficulties they face. Below are reasons why IGCSE is the right choice for the education of your child.

• Student-friendly Assessments
IGCSE assessments are very trusted and reliable valuation systems as they are fair and flexible. IGCSE assessments mainly aim at theoretical learning as well as encourage the development of advanced thinking skills amongst the students. The assessment process is done after completing the course that helps students who need more time to learn, which strengthens the student in assimilating the curriculum properly.

• Student- centric Outlook
IGCSE syllabus revolves around the student as it uses learning and teaching approaches that are considered to improve every child’s learning. The course is designed to meet the requirements of the progressive and talented students and those who find studies challenging.

• Global Recognition
Studying in the Best IGCSE Schools in Chennai works as a passport to the top international colleges and universities around the world as the program owns high regard internationally. International students who don’t have a local diploma, certificate, or degree can use the IGCSE certificate for university placement. It holds almost the same amount of value in international universities. IGCSE certificate is recognised by universities of various countries such as Australia, United States, United Kingdom, etc.

• Global Job Opportunities
Cambridge IGCSE certification is preferred by top company employers all over the world as they value the skills imparted by the IGSCE program to the students. The course provides exciting job opportunities in major international companies to students who have excelled in the program with good marks. Students who want to grasp the opportunity to work abroad Apply Now for Admission at Vaels International School for quality education

• Inquiry-based Learning
IGCSE endorses learning through real-life experiences, expression and exploration, with inquiry playing a dominant role. The best aspect of the course is that it encourages inquisitiveness in every student. Students are encouraged and motivated to ask their queries & questions and research solutions to benefit them grow a wider understanding of their societies and the world.

If you desire to send your children abroad for further studies, then enrolling them in the IGCSE program will enhance the chances of getting admission to good overseas colleges and universities. If you want to know more regarding the curriculum of the IGCSE program, Visit the Website of Vaels International School.