Top 5 Countries to Study Abroad


Studying abroad is a great opportunity to explore the world, learn invaluable life skills and build a global career.

While historical trends show the US and the UK to be the most preferred destinations among international students, global education powerhouses like Australia, Canada and Germany are fast emerging as the favourite among international students.

According to the latest research by QS of 16, 560 respondents, Canada is fast replacing the UK as the second most popular destination for international students from the Asia Pacific, India, Africa, Middle East and Latin America. Not only do these emerging international study destinations offer more options in scholarship/ financial aid availability, they offer a safe and thriving economy.

Which Are the Top 5 Countries to Study Abroad?

When choosing where to study abroad, you must consider the education system, the investment in money and time that the program demands, the living expenses, campus environment, culture and diversity, part-time job opportunities among others to help you build real-world business skills.  These are the top 5 countries to study abroad and have seen a constant rise in the number of Indian students.


World’s leading global education powerhouse offers international students with world’s best student cities and finest universities that rank among the best in the world. With an opportunity to study a wide range of study options in some of world’s best facilities and enriching campuses, Australia also offers exciting part-time work opportunities where students can work 40 hrs a fortnight and full-time during vacations. Other highlights that make Australia stand out study destination are:

  • 7 6,24,000 International students choose Australia in 2017
  • 3rd Most preferred study destination in the world
  • 7 World’s best student cities in the world
  • 12% Increase in no. of international students enrolment
  • 54% Increase in international students over last 5 years


Canada is fast emerging as the world’s second most popular study destination for international education. Driven by its world-class education at comparatively lower fees, high quality of student experience and global reputation of Canadian education together with excellent part-time and post-study work opportunities, make Canada the best choice for international education. Here are other major highlights that make Canada a popular study destination:

  • 119% Increase in students in Canada between 2010 – 2017
  • 95% Students recommend Canada as No. 1 study destination
  • #1 Student City in the world (Montreal)
  • 3rd Most Popular study destination after the UK and USA

United Kingdom

The world leader in international education, the United Kingdom continues to reign as the leading international education destination due to its world-renowned education system. Each year more than 600,000 international students choose the UK as their first choice for its strong global reputation, ability to give a life-changing learning and an education experience par-excellence. Studying in UK opens doors to a world of opportunities and here’s why

  • #1 Student City in the world (London)
  • #1 International student satisfaction
  • 2nd Most preferred study destination in the world
  • 86% Students recommend  UK as No.1  choice

New Zealand

Future proof yourself with New Zealand! When you choose to study in New Zealand, you choose a world-class education and an unforgettable adventure. New Zealand is one of world’s best places to study and live. It is a safe, friendly and welcoming country that offers a world of opportunities and unique experiences for international students. Here’s what makes New Zealand a popular country to study abroad:

  • Simple Visa Application
  • Post-Study Work Permit Visa for 1 year
  • World-Class Education System
  • Adventure and Beautiful Country
  • Excellent Employment Opportunities

United States

As world’s leading study destination, USA commands the no. 1 spot not just for the high standard of US universities but also for its ability to significantly add to your personal, professional and academic growth. It is home to world’s cutting-edge research and offers probably the most flexible education system, most enriching and vibrant campus life with a student community that comprises of the students from across the world. Studying in America is truly a transformational experience that is second to none. The academic year in the US is split between fall semester (Aug to Dec) and spring semester (January to May). The other highlights why international students prefer the USA as their number 1 choice includes:

  • #1 International education destination
  • Cutting-edge research in emerging technologies
  • Excellent employment opportunities
  • A plethora of scholarships and part-time work opportunities
  • Flexible education system and enriching campus life

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